About The Gaspari Firm
Fight for Your Rights
Why Hire a Lawyer?
$500.  That's all it takes to get your case handled by the Gasapari Firm.  If you are charged with any misdemeanor, call immediately for a free consultation.   
The Gaspari Firm is the law office of Albert J. Gaspari.  Mr. Gaspari started his own firm to represent criminal defendants in Miami-Dade County.  His firm deals exclusively with misdemeanor charges.
DO NOT take on the criminal justice system alone.  Even minor cases have serious consequences.  So if you're facing charges, hire a lawyer to put on your best defense.  The Gaspari Firm only does criminal defense.  
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Parable of the Fish
Let me tell you the parable of the fish, Miami. 

You see those ugly fish?  They are piranhas, and I caught them in the Amazon River.  But they would not have been caught if they had kept their mouths shut.  Instead, they ended up on my plate.

Learn a lesson from those piranhas.  DO NOT take the bait, and KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT.  

But that's just the first step.  Call or email today so I can launch your defense.  Let me fight for your rights.  I will put the whole system on trial for you!