Consultations and Fees

The first consultation is free, and a flat fee will put the Gaspari Firm on your case.  Just follow these steps

  1. Free
    Here's my phone number: 305-903-6045 Let's say you're charged with a misdemeanor in Miami-Dade County, but don't know what to do. The first step is finding a lawyer to represent you. Call the Gaspari Firm today. We can arrange a time to discuss your case in further detail. This phone call is free.
    Call Me Today
  2. Free
    After calling the Gaspari Firm, we will set up a consultation to discuss your case. We will meet a convenient location for you, and I won't keep you waiting. I will listen to the facts of your case, and I will keep these details confidential. I will outline how I will represent you, and what to expect if I take your case.
    Meet Me Today
  3. $500
    If you like what you hear at the consultation, all it takes for me to take your case to trial is a one-time fee of $500. That covers you from that moment (including all preliminary procedures) up until the final verdict at trial.
    Hire Me Today
A Simple Process to Hire the Gaspari Firm
Those three steps listed above are really all that it takes to hire the Gaspari Firm to handle your case.  

Being charged with a misdemeanor gives you enough to worry about.  You will not have to worry about a difficult process with the Gaspari Firm .  My firm keeps it simple so that we can focus on putting the whole system on trial for you.  
The criminal justice system is complicated.  But hiring a lawyer shouldn't be.