1.  Is my case a misdemeanor?​

If you don't know whether your case is a misdemeanor, the first step is to click on the  List of Misdemeanors.

If your charge is not on the list, give me a call.  

2.  How do I reach you?

The first is email, which is albert.gaspari@gasparifirm.com

The second is by phone, which is 305-903-6045

The third is twitter, which is @gasparifirm

Finally, my mailing address is 
PO Box 453442
Miami, FL 33245

3.  How much does it cost to call?

Calls are free.

4.  How much does it cost to meet?
The meeting is free.

5.  How much does hiring the Gaspari Firm cost?

$500 is all that it takes.  That fee covers you until the end of the trial.

6. Which counties in Florida does the Gaspari Firm cover?

The Gaspari Firm covers Miami-Dade county. 

7.  Can you promise results?

I can't promise a particular result, but I can promise that I will put the whole system on trial for you.  My goal is to take your case to trial, not to take the first deal offered.